Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a couple inches of snow on Wednesday, just in time for a White Thanksgiving. It flurried all thru today, would have been a perfect Christmas Day! Tomorrow-Shopping!!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

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The many faces of LAD

Redneck Race Car Fan or Santa's Elf, or

Winning Prize Fighter, or

Sumo Wrestler, or

Pig Wrangler.

Let's go with the Pig Wrangler, there's cold hard cash involved!
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A couple of weeks ago we went to MO for a long weekend for Randy to work on airplanes. We saw all the g'pas, g'mas, friends, airplanes, tractors and some chickens. Notice in the middle column, far left picture, look close, Goldie-the dog-is holding her treasure, trying to share. A nice fish skeleton, just like in the cartoons. She's holding it by the tail and at the end of it's backbone is it's head-or maybe the beginning of it's backbone-not sure which way that goes! Sweet!

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Helmet week

LAD recently rediscovered his bycycle helmet in the garage. He decided he wanted to wear it around, so he wore it into the bath, on the drive to school, to the grocery store, to a Christmas open house, and around the house, in the course of at least a week. Then of course, after he takes it off, he falls down and bonks his head on the floor!

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