Tuesday, March 30, 2010

By the light of the full moon...

G'ma Airplane called last night, "do you see it". Uh, nope. So LAD and I hopped in the car and found it.

Took a minute, but there it was...

I thought my pics were off color, it seems awfully orange and the sunset wasn't that spectacular. But must be ok, hers is orange too.

Uh, turn around...

These look Photoshop-ped, for sure. But nope. The camera did that strange dark halo around it.

Tractor time, already!?

A pirate's story, continued...

Remember a week or so ago we recycled the already well used box into a pirate ship. It started out as a steam powered ship, then to a sail powered ship, now it's a paddle powered ship! A backup to the backup. For some reason he decided he needed oars. Ok, oars it is. We found a empty wrapping paper tube, cut it in half and discovered hidden treasures already-wrapping paper!

We've had this map for a while, so he found it. But it was too large for such a small, full ship.

So, break out the art supplies, let's make a smaller one.

X marks the spot, of course.

Much better. So we consulted with squirrels in trees and fish in streams all on our way to the X.

And lookie there, we found it!

We also gained a fishing pole, trolled for fish, but caught nothing. This time.
To be continued, I'm sure.

Random from March 2010

Finally, baseball outside!

Skinny Harry, as opposed to Fat Harry...

Treasures found...

Bummer dude. Picked up on the way home, Poppph, whap, whap, whap. We made it home at least.

Water party. With a girl.

Observed and observed. Click to see larger. Who's he looking at...

But something's wrong. There's no propeller.

So glad I could design a built-in gravel pit. Every boy's dream! He was digging a foundation for his gravel castle.

How many does it take?

How many does it take to get the perfect shot?

Sometimes about 130. Thankful for digital! And autofocus!

Impromptu photo shoot, sitting in the south doorway one morning. Mostly shot from the hip.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The last one

He may be the only one left in Iowa who is sad to see it all melt. Seen on the way home. I had to go back and take his picture. Maybe he likes it because he's almost camouflaged!
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ahoy thar Matey!

Remember this box? It has held up pretty well, considering it has been a race car, a ball holding box and a toy box, to name just a few. It got a new life today. It became a pirate ship!

To start the process we had to add smoke stacks. On a pirate ship? Ok, how about we add some sails. I'll mark them, you cut them. He even colored them and emblazoned them with his name, his own handwriting. A skill he has just recently mastered, or began to master...

Have to measure, make sure it's sea worthy...

Every pirate needs a telescope.

Or even better, binoculars!

But I need a telescope that's attached. Ok, break out some more scotch tape, scissors and some play-doh tools and viola!

No Hat! I don't have a pirate hat.

Bug hat is an acceptable substitute. It's too tight. So we made it bigger.

Eye see you!

Somehow a skull and cross bones didn't seem appropriate. So let's have a rainbow instead! This is a happy ship.

Every pirate ship needs supplies. Art supplies it is for this one! I was instructed to pile them all on top of him. Guess we know who the Captain of this ship is!

See ya on the high seas, matey!


Thumbs Up

Yesterday, these were covered with about 3 inches of snow. Today the sun popped out and melted that all away, and revealed this wonder to us once again.

Thumbs Up. Spring is here to stay (we hope)!
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Mother Nature has to get the last word...

She does it every year. Teases us with a few really nice days. Tricks us ALL into thinking she's done. This was Thursday, the third day of very nice weather.

This was today. One last laugh. We knew it would happen. Why? 3 reasons: 1) The Robins came back this week 2) The Croci bloomed 3) It's March Madness.
Madness all right.