Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter 2013

These were to be Angry bird Easter Eggs. He drew Angry Bird and Angry Piggy faces on all of them.
And finally, the Iris's are poking thru...

In the kitchen with LAD-Lemonade

We picked up this lemon juicer at an antique store and LAD was just itching to make lemonade. Wow, lemons are expensive!
It was not bad. Better the second day. Can't wait to have this when it's 100 degrees and July!

Spring Break 2013

To Missouri for spring break week, mid March.
Grandma Airplane's bird flock...

To Grandpa Allen's
To the hay barn...a favorite spot. Although the hay supply is gettin pretty thin...
I never get sun spots. I wonder who was with us this day...
A favorite spot. He was digging for gold this day. He said he's split it 50-50 with Grandpa if he hit the mother load.
Uh, Randy, dear son-in-law, how do you feel about ladders. The vent needed cleaning. He got a little dusting in too.
Feed the cows...
To Branson.
Dolly Parton's Colt of Many Colors.

And, then it snowed 6 inches. I thought this was supposed to be SPRING break! The geocachers made their circle, even in the snow...
Snowball fight!
Oh look, a puddle. Let's jump in it.
Bird flock.
Zorro was kicked out of the game for cheating.
Bye, see ya next time.
I guess he was done with me taking pics !