Monday, March 30, 2009

Random March photos

Using a hand mirror as a spy glass, I guess.

At the park, kinda cold and windy...what's new!

He did almost all of this bird puzzle all by himself.

New puppy hat, a early Easter gift from J, J, J & J.

Time for a snooze. Harry is in heaven when G'pa Airplane is here...

Who could deny that face any CANDY!

Geocaching with G'ma Airplane...

You turn your back for 1 minute, and this is what happens. He started out painting Harold the Helicopter.

Bubbles at the Science Center in Des Moines.

Gears at same location...

Games-Lightning, Tractor Tipping. Rules, what rules!

Bicycle maintenance. The back wheel was spinning out, so they had to adjust the training wheels.

Hard Work leads to this...


I asked LAD to go put his shoes by the door. This is what I found. Works for me.

Budding Photographer.

Hard day after playing at Roger's, at the air strip.

Aarrgh Matey, don't mess with us!

What a difference 2 years and 3 months makes.

1 year:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is Spring really here?

 These tiny flowers make it appear so. But they've been known to get snowed on before!
This was yesterday about 1:00. When we looked at them again at about 5:00 two more had popped out, you can just see the buds to the left and right of the white flower.
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Still hunting...

for ladybugs. We finally found a couple more a couple days ago.

Where oh where has my baby gone. Spreading grass seed under the tree we trimmed last year.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Been flying long?

If you look REAL hard...

You can see signs on spring. But you have to dig for them. This was a bud of some sort coming out of the ground in our neighbor's back yard.

Another one in the same neighbor's back yard, tulips maybe...

A child who can finally drag his trike out onto the north side of the house without having to climb over a snow drift!

We dug out the strawberries and they just popped up to greet the sunshine. We have many more plants this year, maybe we'll get two per week!

We finally found ONE. The ONLY one that must be out in Iowa. S(h)e was really alive, I saw him move! LAD had his Ladybug catching contraption out too but was more fascinated with just looking at it, then climbing into the leaf filled wheel barrow, so s(h)e lived another day in freedom!

How many pepperonies does it take...

 to make a pizza? Depends on how many your helper eats in the process!
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday, A hunting we will go

 It got into the 50s this fine Saturday. So we went outside on a Ladybug hunt. It takes a big stick you know. And you have to have friends to help you. We didn't have any luck, must have scared them off with that big stick! So we went to the playground instead. There weren't any there either. It was exhausting work...
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Help with layering

I woke up about 4 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep so got up to work on this. LAD woke up about 7 or so, about the time there's lots of paint out and available. It never fails.

He made a nice shade of red and brown...

Who knows he may become an Art Journalist too! He certainly has no inhibitions!