Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday, 5/25

Yesterday was the 25th. Click here to see all my pics on our other blog.
We had a picnic inside, then LAD was too wound up for a nap, so we went outside and explored. When we finally came in late in the afternoon, he sat down for a snack and a drink and a Thomas, but didn't make it very long before he keeled over! He didn't even finish his cheese and crackers!

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Saturday Breakfast


We made Blueberry muffins this morning, and of course LAD helped! We used his new baking pans too. They got done a little sooner than the big muffins, should have taken them out a few minutes sooner-however, he didn't seem to mind, as he ate all 4 of the little ones and one of the big ones!
LAD took the picture of Harry, who is in his normal resting position when we are in the kitchen! Maybe someone will drop some crumbs, or a ham, or something, anything!
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Outside last week

We had some very nice days last week. The yard is growing like crazy and so are the dandelions!! Haven't even gotten the garden plowed yet, it still has a pile of crap in it from last fall...hmm guess we better get that tackled this weekend! The neighbors have their tomatoes out already!

A trail of trucks...

LAD golfs like I do. Except looks like he might be going to go at it left handed.

Just some LAD noise...
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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Party Kitchen

Yesterday, we went to Ankeny, for my friend Angela's Close To My Heart Open House and LAD fell asleep on the way, so we cruised thru some Ankeny neighborhoods and hit a few yard sales. A nice lady was parting with this beauty, marked at 10$, so I offered her 5$ and just like that we had a Party Kitchen. It's a good thing the Chrysler has the most ginormous trunk, or we would never have gotten it home. Considering I hadn't unloaded the stroller and pack-n-play from last weeks travels, but I managed to squeeze it all in, and some home it came. We also found a jewel of a VCR tape-Teletubbies-for 0.25$ YeeHaw. I did pass up the Barney's though.
So after we got home yesterday, we took our treasure to the back yard and scrubbed it down. Then we brought it in and made supper! Now LAD has a place to use all the new utensils and cookware Aunt Suzie got him last week. The Party Kitchen also came with a mismatched set of dishes and cups and one pan. But I think the salt and pepper shakers were the best part!

Eventually he dumped everything into the "sink" to be washed. Carrots and all!
Supper, a tiny (fruit) pizza, that he baked in his very own oven. And a fried egg I made from felt and glue!
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Flower Power

We went to the local grocery store here in town, they have a huge gardening section. We took the wagon and filled it up with a selection of annuals for the flower boxes at the front of the house. When we got home, we got LAD's little wagon out and he haulded these Daisys around for a while. It was kinda tippy in the grass! Plus he was a little distracted, looking for Harry.

And of course once we broke out the hose, that's what he played with for the rest of the time it took me to get everything planted. He was a very good helper but was completely soaked himself by the time we were finished! At least it was finally a WARM day!!!
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Week of May 4-11

Wow, what a hectic week that wasy. I had to go to Raleigh on Sunday for work, so Randy, who had already been in MO working for almost 2 weeks, came to get LAD and they returned to MO on Sunday, 5/4, the same day I went to Raleigh. LAD got to spend time with EVERYONE in MO and ARK during this week. I hope Aunt Suzie's baby chicks survived!! He had a great time visiting all the G'mas and G'pas and doing the farming thing.
I made it back from Raleigh to IA on Thursday night, then drove to MO to get my baby, just in time for Mother's Day. Hope everyone had a great day!

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

To Raleigh for work?

Yeah, I did work some, but we played quite a bit of golf too! The first day was our company golf outing. My team won! Whoo-Hooo!! I had some good team mates!! We played at the Wildwood Green Then a smaller group of us played on Tuesday night and Wednesday night at the Garner Country Club (well, redneck country club anyway). I got a birdie on hole 8!! Whoo Hooo!!!

Some local wildlife on the course. 6 fluffy babies. We almost had venison on Wednesday night when we played. One of the guys hit into the edge of the trees and a DEER came bounding out, looking back at us, like you SOB, you just hit me with that golf ball. Then it eventually trotted on, then came a baby and another larger deer. I think they trotted by and kicked his ball on into the sand trap!

We had a great time and now I'm sitting in the airport in Raleigh waiting to finally get home. Then to MO tomorrow to fetch LAD. He may be having too much fun to come home!!!
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Friday, May 2, 2008

Yeah Word World!

LAD loves this show and I credit much of his letter knowledge to them! He especially loves the Rocket to the Moon episode with Frog and the 3 little piggies!
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