Sunday, February 20, 2011

And finally, my turn to paint...

This book has been a work in progress for a week or so. I ran across an old calendar that had artist paintings for each month. I obviously had hung on to it for some reason. Apparently this was it. I ripped out all the pages, adhered them onto some Canson paper from my stash. Took the thick chipboard backing from the two packages of Canson paper and covered them with Sticky Back Canvas (artist canvas with adhesive on the back) and laid on some paint. I used Amsterdam acrylic paints, fairly cheap, but work for me.
Here's the cover. It's based loosely on a photo I (or my mom took, they're interchangeable) took when we went to Florida last April. See photo at bottom of this post. I added the splatters at the just looked too...clean.

Here's the binding. The pages are all single sheets (I added a small folded piece around the edge of each sheet to strengthen the pages.) I love this single sheet binding. No idea what it's official name is. I also bound my December Daily with this method. For this book, I used baker's twine (basically cotton 3 stranded string).

Interior pages. They all have the calendar artwork on the left and a blank page on the right. I sewed around each page. I used a glue stick, since I had so many, but I do not trust that it will hold for long, hence the it's just cool. And, I got a new sewing machine, since I killed my baby Janome... 4 layers of thin fabric (what it was rated for) or 4 layers of paper including chipboard... whatever (as LAD would say). I went back to Singer...we'll see how long it holds up to the rigors of my book making...

Back cover.

Outside back cover, also covered with canvas and painted.

I added a coat of gloss gel medium to the covers. It gives it a shiny look and made the colors a little richer...

However, it bowed my cover, but it will flatten out, eventually.

Oh, beach, I hope to see you again soon. But until then, I'll stare at my book and think warm thoughts.


Today we got outside. LAD got this fancy new scooter last fall when he was in Arkansas visiting his Aunt Suzie and Oma Bruni. This is the first time he's really gotten to ride it here.

New rubber boots. The hand-me-down ones he had were full of holes...time for a new pair.

Ahhhhhhh, wish I had a new pair of rubber boots...

A little bit of a hill, barely enough umph to make it to the bottom without pushing.

Front porch picnic

This child loves the snow, but he is ready for picnic weather. He drug out the picnic basket, dumped out all the paper plates and napkins and insisted we go out on a picnic. It was a balmy 37 degrees, but the sun was shining, so on our way we went.

Front porch, out of the wind, in the sun, a little.

I helped make the sandwiches (PB & J, cut into circles), and included the napkins, and he did all the rest.

He takes care of me. Complete with jelly bean desert.


Ahhhh, bubbles...

You scrapbook?

Sometimes. It's been a while since I've actually done scrapbook pages. I always seem to gravitate to mini books. My favorite scrapbook store, Memory Bound, had a two day crop this weekend. I only got to go on Friday, but did get a little accomplished.

This set of pages aren't even mine, they were purchased pre-made, hey, they were on sale, couldn't pass them up! Three pictures and some journaling later, and voila! The pics are only from Feb 2010.

My fellow scrapper friend Karen and her new Instax. It's Fuji's version of the Polaroid. Very cute!

A second layout. This one was originally created in a class at Memory Bound back in December. All I had to do was add photos. And these are from Feb 2011!

And I wanted to do something with these cupcake pictures...

I'm not a big hearts fan, but LAD got a valentine's present in the mail and it was wrapped in this white tissue paper with hearts cut out around the edges. I glued it down to my pink cardstock (gel medium, matte) then used some Tim Holtz distress ink around the edges. Along with some brand new Prima trims, flowers and it's packaging, I think it turned out pretty well.

And with the release of some new Graphic 45 products, I've got a new class in the making!

Artist in the making...?

Checking for glitter...???

He found this empty lunch bucket and claimed it for his own. He stashed his artist materials in it and was ready to go to work. Glue, glitter glue, stamps, markers, crayons, paints, mom's brushes, mom's buttons, mom's brushes. Milk. It's a go.

Almost no snow day!

Tuesday was a pretty nice day and all the snow was almost gone. LAD was SO excited to get to run around in the yard! He ran circles and picked up all the cans and bottles in our ditch. He said "The earth is a nice place to live. We have to take care of it."

The sun was going down (thankful for longer days) and it was casting a golden light. I never really got a good face shot, but I like these anyway.


Ahhhh, finally, he got to ride his bicycle.

Stuck in the snow...

Stuck in the mud...

All with no coat. Doesn't get much better.

Valentine's Day 2011

Valentine's morning. I made LAD this little bag and put his valentine and M&M's in it. I think it has marbles in it now.

Valentine's bag full of loot from school/daycare.

Our little town had a "Decorate a free cupcake" event. We happened by just before they closed up and each decorated our very own cupcake! LAD, of course, is a pro at it and impressed them all by his exceptional decorating skills.

Yum, yum!

He was eager to get home and sort out all his goodies. It was cute seeing all the handwritten names on the valentines.