Sunday, February 20, 2011

Random February 2011

About mid January LAD got a birthday invitation to one of his buddies birthday parties. It was going to be a good one-at the bounce house type place. I totally spaced RSVP'ing and we totally missed the party. A few days later, on the weekend, I told LAD I had forgotten about it and we missed it. This is what he said: "Oh, it's OK mom. It's OK that I missed a party. We'll remember his next party." Awww, thanks LAD for being so understanding.

I did feel a little guilty about it. So later, when LAD wanted to make valentines and paint with his glitter glue and use a good brush, my good brush(es), I caved and let him. I had to look away as he's scrubbing back and forth, gooshing glitter and glue all over his paper...Oh well, it washed out. Mostly. We're even.

And nothing like glittering up yourself as you go. It washed too. Mostly. I think there's glitter on my camera lens barrel too. I still see a sparkle now and then.

Another trip to our favorite antique/junk/vintage spot JB Knacker. Keep an eye on the bell. It's in every photo I took of LAD. We know own it.

My friend Janis in the background taking a picture of us taking a picture of us.

She always has the best displays.

Winter Festival in our little town. This was a week ago, when we still had snow! It's al(most) gone now. Just drifts on the north sides still exist. We had hoped to get to ice skate, but they didn't get it set up this year, so LAD tried out the snowshoes instead. He did really well in them.

They had a snow man building contest. LAD helped build this one with our neighbor's grandkids. He was very colorful!

And LAD built this snowdog all by himself. He even won a prize!

Woof, woof!

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Ma said...

Wow! That's a lot of posting in one day... over two weeks... and only two typos! (Sorry, can't help it).
Sacrifice one paintbrush... and I like the bell. "Mom, where are you, mom? ding ding ding"
Your snow left in a hurry... maybe it's ove...r... maybe?