Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

We were invited to Miranda's family's for Easter lunch and we were in charge of the desserts. What's better than cupcakes with sprinkles! And Strawberries, of course.

LAD said, at the end of the day, "sometimes you just gotta spend some time with your best buddy". Yep, you sure do.


Ohhhhhh the excitement of coloring Easter eggs. He could hardly wait for them to cook and cool.



I guess it's time to take down the snowmen...


Soccer too. I have more pics, somewhere, some other camera.

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Random April 2011

No it really wasn't THAT warm, but he insisted.

Carefree and who cares if your shoes are on the wrong feet.

I think it needs more than a paint job, but whatever. He insisted he had to use my "permanentive" paints.

A "Coffee party". Warning: be on alert when LAD serves you "coffee".


They've had a few practices over the last couple weeks...

First game was yesterday. It was about 45 degrees and 300 mph winds, or so it felt like. Not very pleasant, we all survived.

We'll be hoping for sunshine next weekend.

Thanks Spongebob

I don't really know too much about Spongebob, nor do I particularly care to, but LAD has a video game of said, um, person. There is some sort of Chemistry involved, where they mix jumping jellyfish juice with something or other squid juice, etc to make, um, something else. No idea.
LAD is now all about doing "chemistry" by mixing his paints to see what he gets.
This day, a couple weeks ago, it was to create rocket fuel.
Then he had to add super duper booster juice.
Then we had to actually make a rocket.
Then we had to actually fill the rocket with said concocted fuel...

Yep, it pretty much ended just as you might have imagined, right out the other end of the tube on the table. Oh well, we taped it up and tried again. Helped a little.
To the moon, dude.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011