Wednesday, December 19, 2012

First big snow of the season, finally!

Not sure i've experienced thundersnow before. Pretty amazing to see lightning and hear thunder when the white stuff is coming down. So far, the mailbox is in good shape; we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Happy Birthday LAD!

In the kitchen with LAD is always interesting. Today was a controlled experiment in birthday cake making. Turned out pretty good!
Breakfast for supper was his request. Waffles and strawberries and bacon!
The big Seven!
Whooops, missed one. One more breath!
Got it!
A new tie from Aunt Suzie!
Agent P stocking cap.
SNOWBOARD! Best present EVER!
Cool Dude. Snow boarding among the recycled fabric cat quilts we made for the animal shelter who took donations at school.
Thanks Dad. Now all we need is some SNOW!

Happy Birthday LAD - Party at Chuck E. Cheese

LAD has forever wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese. So on the Sunday before his birthday we invited his friend Miranda and her family and we braved the dreaded Chuck E. Cheese experience. Honestly, it was NOT THAT BAD. I thought the food was excellent, the staff was friendly and the games all worked. It was not loud inside, granted it was 11:30 in the morning on Sunday, but even when we left, as business was picking up, it was not that bad.
Anyway, here's the colorful boy in all his 7 year glory!
The big C delivered the cake himself and helped sing Happy Birthday.
The most awesome present EVER!
The best game EVER!
The best friend EVER!
I think it was the best birthday EVER! So far!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Breakfast at the North Pole

Reiman Gardens.
Ginger bread bus!
Gingerbread mansion!
Just a little ol tree.
A PS letter to Santa. We mailed the main letter that morning.
There's still something going on in that workshop!
Too bad that BFF girl was in the background. Colorful at least!
Sometimes I even impress myself!
How many butterflies do YOU count? I spy 14, do you?
Just Us, in reverse.