Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The fish died, then there were 6 hamsters

LAD has wanted a hamster for some time. They had a couple at his day care and he enjoyed being around them. So we said maybe, sometime, later.  Well the last remaining fish finally took his last swim back in Sept or Oct sometime. So we were petless, so to speak... So the hamster bargaining began.
So on Oct 31, our new friend Holly came to live with us. We knew for a fact she was a girl when we got her. She was very active in her habitat at the store and when LAD spotted her, there was no changing his mind, she was THE one. Lucky us.
So we got her settled into the now fishless aquarium. She packed her little house full of toilet paper and had quite the cozy abode.  She seemed happy, content to run on her wheel ALL night.
One week later, LAD and I were reading a book in his bed. There was this odd SQUEEK sound from her location in the room. Silently in my head i said NO, it CANNOT be. She was just FAT.
Well, sure enough. 5, Five, FIVE babies were born to our Holly. 
Below you can see the progression from furless to furry.
They actually are pretty adorable. Holly is much skinnier now, and in hindsight, when I see light below her belly as she runs on her wheel and realize now why no such light shown thru there before.
You may ask, isn't it dangerous to have hamsters and cats in the same household...possibly eventually, once the cats smarten up. One little dude, yes boy dude, has escaped TWICE, only to be caught by LAD or I, as it was trailed by a CAT, but not eaten. He's either REALLY stupid to escape TWICE or REALLY smart to wait for his human to be present when he finally shows himself for rescue!

You might ask, are they adoptable? ABSOF*KINGLUTELY. Two are promised to the daycare to replace the elderly one that remains there, but the rest, I'd be willing to work out a delivery plan. Let me know and I will SET YOU UP.

How damn adorable is that!
I think this is the pile of five.
Ummm, Yum.

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