Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sweeeet. Back to central Iowa!

Sweeeet. Back to central Iowa! Bag too!!!

FW: headed west

We'll see if me and mine all make it! I think i'll hit the weather gap in MI. But we shall see!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lookeee who finally caught up!

I have to say even though they lost it for a while, United customer service was excellent.

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Monday, February 22, 2010


This was leaving DSM on Sunday.

Monday, de-ice. Tricky tricky not hitting anything that flies!

I have to say, even though I really hate to, that the Chicagoan's have a clever way of snow removal. Maybe all big airports that get winter snow do this, not sure. But they scoop and dump it all up into this big heated (some way?) trailer and melt it. Down the storm drain it goes.

Heated trailer of some sort. Spewing liquid snow and steam. The temps were hovering at 32 ish. Bet this doesn't work so well when it's really cold!

Arriving Lansing, Monday AM. 700 foot ceiling, snowing and generally shitty. Official aviation term, of course.

The runway we just landed on. Much dryer snow here. Nice job guys. Keep up the good landings!

welcome to MI

Feels just like home!

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

when will I learn?

Chicago. Supposed to have passed thru, on to MI. But noooooo. Still here. Guess why. Yeah. Snow. Why else. When will I learn. Detroit, Minn, Hell. Anywhere but Chicago. Oh well, fancy hotel, fancy restaurant, The booze is good. Guess i'll survive.

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Give the kid a box and he's entertained for hours.

This was Friday. I think I had tears in my eyes. And it was not from the cold air.

Saturday we went bowling (LAD for the first time) with a group from his day care. It was great fun and the facility is very new with state of the art fun stuff. LAD enjoyed it very much. Not sure why we had not taken him before now. I'm quite certain we'll be going again. And again. And again. Better watch out Grandma Airplane.

Grandma Airplane, you'll also be glad to know they make these ramps for those that are either too young or too old to throw the ball down the lane with much strength! LAD was all about this thing! "Whoa, look at it go."

I'm off to the NorthEast, with this forcast to look forward to:

While down south, spring appears to be appearing.
I will not believe it until I see the Robins.
And even then, I may still have my doubts!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tropical? In Iowa?

Really, tropical in Iowa? Really. This wonderful place, Reiman Gardens at the ISU campus.

Ahhhh, steamy heaven. LAD has been asking to go camping. I wonder how they would feel about us pitching our tent in the conservatory? Looks like they're expecting company!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Again, it's doing it again!

Snow. It's snowing again. Snowed most of the day today, minor accumulations but we are under a Winter Storm Warning starting Monday 6 am thru Tuesday PM. Another 7-10.
Let 'er fly!
The temps were at least a little warmer today. Pretty sad when you call 35 warm, but balmy it was.
Castles! Snow, sand, what's the difference.Only about 1000 miles and 60 degrees.
Here he is in all his glory! The mailbox is currently still standing, but give him time...
Blogger did themselves no favors for "updating" their post editor.

How an old man survives a young son.

Yesterday they put almost 3 miles on the thing. Probably as many today!
I remember my dad pulling us for hours on sleds behind the truck at the ranch in MO. Back when we had big snows (!). Starky cousins-I know you remember these times too!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Welcome to February!

Our first week of February. Is it 1/4 over already!

Alright, alright, in his defense, he does have a lot of equipment hanging out there. This shot doesn't do it justice. He had 3 blades- front, (right) side, belly, plus all the salty-sandy crap in the back. We followed him into town one day, he went on to the county line and turned around and came back, so we waited for him.

Moon-set, 7:30 am.

Guess who he was, guess who I was?

Play-Doh and power tools. Don't get much better'n that!