Sunday, February 7, 2010

Again, it's doing it again!

Snow. It's snowing again. Snowed most of the day today, minor accumulations but we are under a Winter Storm Warning starting Monday 6 am thru Tuesday PM. Another 7-10.
Let 'er fly!
The temps were at least a little warmer today. Pretty sad when you call 35 warm, but balmy it was.
Castles! Snow, sand, what's the difference.Only about 1000 miles and 60 degrees.
Here he is in all his glory! The mailbox is currently still standing, but give him time...
Blogger did themselves no favors for "updating" their post editor.


Ma said...

That's one honkin' snowplow. LAD would love driving that, huh?
He's a snow-bunnie!
We're getting more snow today, too. Just flurries, but it's cold. At least the driveway is frozen mud now.

Cheri said...

A snowcastle huh? Great idea!!! And 35 is definitely balmy; flip flops and capris for sure;)