Monday, February 22, 2010


This was leaving DSM on Sunday.

Monday, de-ice. Tricky tricky not hitting anything that flies!

I have to say, even though I really hate to, that the Chicagoan's have a clever way of snow removal. Maybe all big airports that get winter snow do this, not sure. But they scoop and dump it all up into this big heated (some way?) trailer and melt it. Down the storm drain it goes.

Heated trailer of some sort. Spewing liquid snow and steam. The temps were hovering at 32 ish. Bet this doesn't work so well when it's really cold!

Arriving Lansing, Monday AM. 700 foot ceiling, snowing and generally shitty. Official aviation term, of course.

The runway we just landed on. Much dryer snow here. Nice job guys. Keep up the good landings!


Ma said...

I think I'd have done a 360 and gone somewhere else. (Official aviation terms.)

Fonda said...

Yeah me too. Jerry wouldn't've. he'd of been saying "Yeah, That's more like it. Let's go again!"