Thursday, August 30, 2007

Playing at the playground last Sunday AM 8/26/07

I'm not sure why, buy you may have to click the play button twice...

Random August pictures

Random August pictures. LAD got his first haircut, tractor in tow. He did very well. The lady who cut it teaches at LAD's daycare, so she was very familiar, so not too traumatic! Grandpa Airplane was here for 2 weeks working, and did a pretty good job of working at getting LAD spoiled! They had a great time playing together. G'pa's been gone for a few weeks now and LAD still asks, Grandpa? I respond "nope, he's home in Missour". So now he's taken to saying "Grandpa, Missouri". Yep!

LAD finally tasted corn on the cob, after about half a dozen times of putting it on his plate. He spit it back out, but at least he tried it. Doesn't taste like hominy I guess, which he loves! We have a bicycle with a seat on the back for him, so here he was wearing my helmet. He doesn't mind wearing his, just like a hat I guess! He loves to get out all the ribbon from my ribbon jars in the craft room.

We also went to the State Fair, Iowa's fair is on the list of the best 100 things to do, or something like that. It's a pretty good one. Plus they have lots of FANCY tractors. The artist tends to wear, and try to eat, more paint than he actually gets on the paper!
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Random July pictures

Random pictures from July. We went to the July 4th parade in Slater. Saw lots of tractors. Played on the playground. Always a good time.

When Randy was home they rode the lawn tractor, a lot.

We went to the zoo. Went geocaching, well sort of...hard to do with a GPS with no we hiked the trails anyway...
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Huxley PrairieFest Parade

Lily Pad had a float in the Huxley Prairie Fest Parade again this year. LAD loved to ride. The close-up picture is LAD with Jesse, one of his teachers. The other pictures where LAD is up high at the center of the float, he is with his main teacher Cris. They are a fun bunch who LAD feels right at home with. One other little boy on the float, who is LAD's age, saw his Dad during the parade and bailed off the float. LAD didn't seem phased a bit that I was on the sidelines as he passed by. Notice the Lightning McQueen hat...can't leave home without it!

Random parade pictures. Lots of tractors and FANCY fire engines.

This is LAD last year at the Prairie Fest Parade 2006. He's the cute one in the hat!!!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Country Music Artist

LAD has had mashed potatoes and gravy several different times in the past, not really all that recently, but last week he was asking for "gravy", at least that was my best guess, so we made mashed potatoes and gravy. He ate it, but I didn't think he was all that "impressed" with it. Ok, whatever.Turns out, it must have been really great. A few days later, to show his appreciation, LAD wrote me this song, complete with dancing too.At first I thought he was saying "Groovy Momma" and maybe it was a song they learned at school, or something...Well, turns out, no- they don't sing any songs like that at school, so ok, must have been "Gravy Momma" after all.Of course every time I turned off the camera, he performed flawlessly. But this is a pretty good representation of it...Doesn't it sound like something some fancy C/W star would sing?

LAD-Spring thru mid-summer

Outside. LAD's favorite place to be! And if it involves a ball or ice cream, that's even better!!!

Reiman Gardens. Memorial Day weekend.

Tulip Time in Pella.

Trip to ARK and MO. LAD stayed in ARK with Aunt Suzie and Oma while I went to Raleigh for a business meeting.

LAD's a great helper. Nothing like learning to shovel gravel!

Grandpas. Tractor Heaven!

The Whitehill's. LAD go to spend time with them when he stayed in MO when I went on a round-a-bout trip from OK to ND, then back to MO.

Grandpa started it!

Ice cream and strawberries! YUM!

LAD's new trend-Tractor StackEm

LAD is into stacking things. Tractors on tractors, cars on tractors, rubber stamps on the cat...Harry is very tolerant. However, Harry he has taken to reclining "under" things, where Johnny Big Scoop cannot go.