Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Country Music Artist

LAD has had mashed potatoes and gravy several different times in the past, not really all that recently, but last week he was asking for "gravy", at least that was my best guess, so we made mashed potatoes and gravy. He ate it, but I didn't think he was all that "impressed" with it. Ok, whatever.Turns out, it must have been really great. A few days later, to show his appreciation, LAD wrote me this song, complete with dancing too.At first I thought he was saying "Groovy Momma" and maybe it was a song they learned at school, or something...Well, turns out, no- they don't sing any songs like that at school, so ok, must have been "Gravy Momma" after all.Of course every time I turned off the camera, he performed flawlessly. But this is a pretty good representation of it...Doesn't it sound like something some fancy C/W star would sing?

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Dee said...

Hey momma - I'll have to be sure to try some of the that "gravy momma"!!