Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Huxley PrairieFest Parade

Lily Pad had a float in the Huxley Prairie Fest Parade again this year. LAD loved to ride. The close-up picture is LAD with Jesse, one of his teachers. The other pictures where LAD is up high at the center of the float, he is with his main teacher Cris. They are a fun bunch who LAD feels right at home with. One other little boy on the float, who is LAD's age, saw his Dad during the parade and bailed off the float. LAD didn't seem phased a bit that I was on the sidelines as he passed by. Notice the Lightning McQueen hat...can't leave home without it!

Random parade pictures. Lots of tractors and FANCY fire engines.

This is LAD last year at the Prairie Fest Parade 2006. He's the cute one in the hat!!!

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Ma said...

How much fun can a boy endure? So many tracters, so many girls, who needs Gravy Momma, anyway?