Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random August pictures

Random August pictures. LAD got his first haircut, tractor in tow. He did very well. The lady who cut it teaches at LAD's daycare, so she was very familiar, so not too traumatic! Grandpa Airplane was here for 2 weeks working, and did a pretty good job of working at getting LAD spoiled! They had a great time playing together. G'pa's been gone for a few weeks now and LAD still asks, Grandpa? I respond "nope, he's home in Missour". So now he's taken to saying "Grandpa, Missouri". Yep!

LAD finally tasted corn on the cob, after about half a dozen times of putting it on his plate. He spit it back out, but at least he tried it. Doesn't taste like hominy I guess, which he loves! We have a bicycle with a seat on the back for him, so here he was wearing my helmet. He doesn't mind wearing his, just like a hat I guess! He loves to get out all the ribbon from my ribbon jars in the craft room.

We also went to the State Fair, Iowa's fair is on the list of the best 100 things to do, or something like that. It's a pretty good one. Plus they have lots of FANCY tractors. The artist tends to wear, and try to eat, more paint than he actually gets on the paper!
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