Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tooting-not what you think!

So tooting my horn, see it's not what you thought, but he thinks it's really funny when he does it. (he=large and small boys), but that's a whole other subject we will NOT get into.

Anyway, the local scrapbook super-store, Memory Bound, in Ankeny had a call for design team members-their first team- to help them toot their horn. So I submitted 3 items and was picked to be a design team member. Whoo-Hoo!!! They give me a bag of fun yummy products and I get to make fun stuff to display in their store.

Below is what I submitted, the photo of that layout is not very good, but it'll do for the web.
The little mini album was all made from scratch, and the pages/signatures were stitched together. I had found this project that I used for inspiration.

I also have this book, which is where I was thinking this technique had come from, and it does have one very similar. I'm fascinated by all the binding methods and there's too many to experiment with!!!

The mini book papers are Basic Grey Color Me Silly line and the rest is paint.

The "Treasure Chest", as LAD called it today, I made at Christmas time, his Christmas Eve box for a new pair of PJs and a present to open on Christmas Eve. Plus storage for the rest of the year! It's just a heavy cardboard trunk type box that I painted, stuck paper, rub-ons and stamps onto, then modge-podged. So off to explore my bag of goodies and then to bed!

Chef LAD tasting his creations

We made ...(how the h#$% do you spell it) Quesedias tonight and LAD helped. He helped grate the cheese, then decided he wanted to eat some, and was taking bites off the big block we were shedding from! He ate most of his but I don't think he touched the black beans. He was saving room for ice cream I guess!!!
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Where's the milk?

This morning LAD and I had cereal and a banana for breakfast. Tonight, when we got home and were fixing supper, I was looking in the fridge and noticed the mik was missing...hmmm... who could have been in the house to move the milk...what the h@#$, where's the milk? Still looking around, it's not sitting out on the counter anywhere...then...hmmm...surely I didn't...sure enough...I did. Can you say distracted? I SO do not remember doing that.! So we went to the store tonight and bought MORE milk and more Banas (that's how LAD says it)!
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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Scrap Your Day-The 25th of Every Month

Well, I almost have Ma blogging. I found this project, like I need another one to keep up with. This one is snap pictures on the 25th day of each month, then after a year, you have a whole collection of the everyday!
I didn't think I could get Ma to scrapbook it, but just maybe I can get her to post her photos. Just what we need - another reason to take pictures!!!
So I started a new blog for this project, and we'll both post our photos here, her in Missouri, me in Iowa-335 miles apart, as the crow flies!!!
Here's where this started: Shimelle (who I did the Christmas Journal project thru) has started this project. So we'll see how it goes!!! Also see this site.
Anyone else want to join us???

Robot boy?

We went to Thysons (sp?), a farm/hardware/anything you might need store last weekend and LAD found this welding helmet that he just had to try on. It might make a pretty neat Halloween costume, if it weren't for the 99.99$ price tag!!
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Well maybe it's finally here, the plant life seems to think maybe so. Just the past few days have I noticed all this blooming and budding occuring. I was actually shocked to see these Tulips in our neighbors yard. However, I shoudn't be I guess, Pella's Tulip Festival is next week! The daffodils were found on campus, they were also a delighful surprise. The little pansy things were in the back yard, they are actually a weed, but hey, they are pretty at the moment! And the green leafy thing is our strawberry plants that are actually looking pretty good. I need to get the gardening book out and see how to really take care of them!!!
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Milk Drinkers Unite!

This is LAD and Evan, my friend Susan's son. He's 3 months younger than LAD. They are here for a visit from Michigan and came over for dinner on Thursday night. The boys played very well and LAD shared his toys very well. I was a little afraid he might not share very well, this is really the first time anyone his age has been over and played with his stuff! But he was excited Evan was here and was very chatty! Susan's mom and parent's in-law were also along and LAD kept them all entertained!

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Creative today

Just got these letter stamps and LAD spotted them. So we had to open them. This kept him busy for at least 30 minutes. Man his fingernails need trimmed!!! We only temporarily lost 3 letters when we were putting them away. Do you think that's confusing to see the letters in reverse? He used his markers and stamped some, so I think he sort of has a clue. Didn't seem to stop him from playing with them. And he knew which letters were which, with exception of some lowercase b,d, and qs. But they are tricky anyway!

Creative something

Have been inspired lately by this lady, she has so much detail and layers in her scrapbook LOs. And this book, that we are working from in our Book Club at Memory Bound, our local scrapbook store. These pics of LAD and Aunt Suzie were from our trip to OK City, or outskirts of. Taken in a photobooth. Late March.

This canvas was pretty much scraplifted from the book. There's not much paper on it. All fabric scraps and ribbons and buttons. Oh, and some denim. All attached, and most coated with gel medium, but not the pictures.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Guts of an Olympus 710

The last post reminded me of these pictures. This is Randy's previous camera. He apparently had it in his pocket, in it's case, and it got squished against something that ruined the back. There was no actual physical damage on the outside, just the inside of it was ruined, the liquid crystal or whatever it is.

So I wondered if I could just replace the back, so took it apart (yes, I am a Newhouse, so what did you expect) and decided, yes, I could, if I had one to replace it with.

The camera's not worth 200$ so seemed like no point in sending it in for repairs. So i searched Ebay for the same camera with, at least, no damage to the back. And found one for not too bad a price. The only thing wrong with it was the slot where the card goes in was damaged so the card wouldn't spring out, but it would stay in and you could pull it out manually.

And to my surprise it came with a 512 mb card, so didn't have to buy another one, since the camera I got for Randy as a replacement continued to use his card.

So I swapped out the backs and now we have a(nother) camera!
And if anybody needs the front half of a 710 we have one of those too!!!
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Happy Birthday Daddy!

LAD and I made him a strawberry cake to go with strawberry ice cream. It was a big hit! Randy and LAD got new gloves. Nothing too exciting. Considering Randy got a new camera a couple months ago when he broke his...

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Chef LAD

Aunt Suzie sent LAD this customized Chef's hat and apron. He loves to wear the apron but had to warm up to the hat. I noticed we had the apron on wrong side out this morning, he's DAL! The picture with the mixer beater was Daddy's birthday cake! Apparently it was yummy both before and after baking!

Fireman gotta eat too!

Our friend Ned brought LAD this hat from a trip he had been on. LAD
wasn't so crazy about it at first, but then decided it was pretty
cool. It also doubles as a baseball cap if you put it on backwards!