Saturday, April 19, 2008

Guts of an Olympus 710

The last post reminded me of these pictures. This is Randy's previous camera. He apparently had it in his pocket, in it's case, and it got squished against something that ruined the back. There was no actual physical damage on the outside, just the inside of it was ruined, the liquid crystal or whatever it is.

So I wondered if I could just replace the back, so took it apart (yes, I am a Newhouse, so what did you expect) and decided, yes, I could, if I had one to replace it with.

The camera's not worth 200$ so seemed like no point in sending it in for repairs. So i searched Ebay for the same camera with, at least, no damage to the back. And found one for not too bad a price. The only thing wrong with it was the slot where the card goes in was damaged so the card wouldn't spring out, but it would stay in and you could pull it out manually.

And to my surprise it came with a 512 mb card, so didn't have to buy another one, since the camera I got for Randy as a replacement continued to use his card.

So I swapped out the backs and now we have a(nother) camera!
And if anybody needs the front half of a 710 we have one of those too!!!
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Ma said...

I hope your tv doesn't break... Yes, you are a Newhouse at heart.

jp said... there ANYTHING you can't do??!! I'm totally impressed!!

Cheri said...

I am totally impressed as well:) DH is an electrical engineer, but has been doing this kind of thing since he was a boy. To expand on "ma's" post...I once found DH in our living room surrounded by pieces of our television. He fixed it! I was more than a bit nervous while he was at it though.