Saturday, April 19, 2008

Travel to Fort Wayne, Indiana

Back in March I had to go to Fort Wayne, Indiana for work. Thru Chicago. Need I say more. Flights were delayed when leaving Des Moines, high winds at Chicago and they were down to 2 runways, but I finally made it there.
Fort Wayne has a very nice airport, with FREE wireless internet. They also have a nice Aviation Museum with a huge collection of memorabilia from the area. That scrapbook in the picture here was HUGE. About 2.5 x 1.5 feet, at least. I would have loved to thumb thru that!
On the way back, once I got to Chicago, my flight to Des Moines was delayed due to weather, snow, of course. Then eventually cancelled due to a mechanical. Nice. So I spent the night, thanks to AA, at some random Chicago hotel. The next day was sunny and bright! Lesson re-learned, AVOID CHICAGO AT ALL COSTS!!! Not just due to their international airport, but to Chicago's outlook on general aviation altogether.

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