Sunday, February 21, 2010


Give the kid a box and he's entertained for hours.

This was Friday. I think I had tears in my eyes. And it was not from the cold air.

Saturday we went bowling (LAD for the first time) with a group from his day care. It was great fun and the facility is very new with state of the art fun stuff. LAD enjoyed it very much. Not sure why we had not taken him before now. I'm quite certain we'll be going again. And again. And again. Better watch out Grandma Airplane.

Grandma Airplane, you'll also be glad to know they make these ramps for those that are either too young or too old to throw the ball down the lane with much strength! LAD was all about this thing! "Whoa, look at it go."

I'm off to the NorthEast, with this forcast to look forward to:

While down south, spring appears to be appearing.
I will not believe it until I see the Robins.
And even then, I may still have my doubts!

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Ma said...

I think I'm almost insulted... I don't have to use the bumpers yet. But I like the "walker" for launching the ball.