Sunday, April 5, 2009

Snow, No Foolin'!

Yesterday it was 60 degrees and pleasant. Today, it snowed. All Day. We probably got about 6 inches. This was about 8 am, just getting a good start at sleety drizzle stuff. Notice the pesky squirrel at the bottom. We had to raise the squirrel deterent up a little higher, but i noticed later in the day he managed to get up to the feeder and shake out all the seed.

This poor bird was hanging out on the downwind side of the storm. I stalked it for a good while before I figured out what kind it finally was. When I first saw it I at first thought woodpecker family and turns out, that's correct, she, because there is no mustache, which according to my bird book, girls don't have, is a Common Flicker. She has a pretty unique pattern on her chest which is all fluffed out. Finally after viewing her thru the lens several times I caught the red color at the back of her neck and that clenched it. It was so gray out it was almost like a trick to the eye to be sure it was really red!

Here you can see her profile towards the bottom of the tree on the left side of the photo.

Harry joined in the bird stalking as well. He looks kind of torqued here, but he really wasn't. LAD had just finished petting him and his ear was bent funny, I think he needed it scratched.

This Robin is probably thinking why the hell did I came back so soon!

Another bird stalker, not enough activity for him!

I think she was trying to catch a nap here, she tucked her head in for a short snooze.

Here you can really see the red. I finally cracked open the east window and could just barely see her from that angle.

Did you know that bubbles actually do pretty well in the snow. They don't pop immediately when they land on it. Quite fascinating actually. That's a large one LAD is reaching for in this photo.

Blowing bubbles.

We built a snow man. Actually he was more of a snow blob. But he did have arms, 3, a hat and a rocket launcher nose.

Here you can see the Snow Man Blob in the upper part. He was the driveway guardian. Red rocked in foreground. LAD and Rocket also went sledding, but it was not so good, too wet.

It'll probably all be gone tomorrow. And good riddance!


Ma said...

And you thought winter was over...
I guess you will need a taller pole for the feeder. And maybe a bird shelter. Or would that be a cat feeder... Did the cats go out and play in the snow? I'm jealous... you got to build a snow blob. All I have are puddles.

Ma said...

Maybe shorten the rope on the feeder?
Just enough so it will come open to fill it?

Darlene said...

Your bird and squirrel story cracked me up. I've done battle with squirrels in the past - and they always win!!!

Love your banner - very creative!!!