Monday, April 20, 2009

Veisha at ISU

This weekend was Veisha. What is Veisha, you ask. I found this description here...
"VEISHEA is a celebration of Iowa State University--it's students, faculty members, and surrounding community. Founded in 1922, VEISHEA has had an exciting history. Learn more on the History Page!"
Usually I try to avoid Ames like the plague when Veisha is going on, so I've never been. And since I didn't go to college here, I haven't felt too connected to the event. Until the ladies at work said "What, you're not taking LAD to the parade". "Well I hadn't planned on it..."...crap " Oh all right". So Saturday morning when LAD was confident it was a "stay home day" as compared to a "Daycare day" and it didn't look like it was going to be downpouring rain right away, I asked him if he wanted to go to a parade. "Oh yes, I love parades." yeah, just as I figured... So we loaded up and went to the parade. We actually sat in front of the building I work in. It was a pretty fancy parade, with big balloons too. And of course no parade is complete without a few green tractors. There were red ones too. And a 10 passenger bike. Yikes. It threatened rain, and there was a sustained shower after about half way but it did nothing to dampen the spirits of all attending or parading. LAD spent most of the pre-parade waiting playing with the umbrella.

This bottom center picture, with all the ISU band sitting on it must have been the longest flat bed trailer ever made. I have no idea how long it was, but much longer than any I had ever seen before. Pulled by a dually pickup with two sets of dual wheels on the trailer.

After the parade we walked around a bit, went to the petting zoo of farm animals, and household pets, such as gerbils, ferrets and snakes. yeah, snakes. We bought ice cream from the dairy club, it's home made and we had chocolate, of course! Very tasty.

The Equestrian club was giving rides and I asked LAD if he would like to ride a horse "Oh yes, I love horses" . I see a pattern here. I asked him several times and the answer was always yes. I had my doubts he would really ride it, but he seemed to have no hesitation. So I shucked out my 6 bucks, yes 6.

He found a helmet, we waited our turn, rather patiently, I might add, and when it was his turn, he just hopped on up there like he had done it his whole life. No fear, no hesitation. They proceeded to circle the pen a dozen or so times and I think he talked non-stop. He was relaxed and just went with the flow. His homely steed was named Flash and he got a giant hug after the ride was over.

After we had all of Veisha we could stand we went to Hobby Lobby, where we found a "treasure chest". It is now full of parade candy. This nap on the way home was the first passey/blankey free event. Whoo Hoo, maybe we're on the downhill slide...


Ma said...

Yes, I love horses. Yes, I love a parade. Yes, I love school. Yes, I love taking out the trash.
Keep going, you got it licked!!!

Cheri said...

OMG we have the same treasure chest from hobby Lobby! We need to dig it out and paint/decorate it and use it:)

I love that he rode a horse and was so brave and matter-of-fact. Gotta chuckle at "Flash." My oldest friend grew up on a farm and after much begging, she and her brother got a small horse (can you tell I don't know horse terms very well, lol). Anyway, his name was Flash, and I think I still have her letter to me (we wrote to each other in the summer b/c her house was long distance call from mine)...She says regarding Flash: "Name does not denote speed." ROTFL! We were probably in 5th grade, hehehe.