Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our week

LAD found this old headset in the cedar chest. Ready for take off.

LAD and I came up with a new kind of pizza..."Pepperoni on the side". Ooops, I forgot to put it on until it was 2 minutes from being done baking. Oh well, he didn't mind!

LAD and I had dentist appointments this week. Our appointments were at 2:15 and LAD didn't take a nap at all at daycare, not that he didn't have the opportunity to do so. I was worried he might be a little grouchy, but he was a trooper and did a fine job. She cleaned us all up and the dentist checked us out and we were good to go! The hygienist started talking about bugs, the sugar bugs, so that's been the new term and incentive for brushing this week. Got to get those sugar bugs out. LAD's all about getting the bugs out.

We subscribe to Turtle magazine and the latest issue had instructions to make a rocket. So we finally finished a roll of paper towels and were in the rocket business. It is also adorned with Lightning McQueen and friends stickers. And a few butterflies and ladybugs thrown in for good measure.

New babies are arriving at the ISU horse barns...

LAD and friends art of the day.

Today, Saturday, we drove to Des Moines, rainy, soggy. No plowing today.

LAD endured a trip to the scrapbook store, so this was my endurance. A learning/toy store next door to the SB store, how convenient. Coming here was bribery to keep him in the stroller while I shopped. We actually didn't buy a thing, not like he needs anything. They had a lot of demo toys out. Of course LAD eventually found the train table.

He also found a scooter, like this, and he hopped on the thing and rode it, just like the horse, like he had been riding it his whole life. Not sure if he's rode one at day care or not, I've never seen any there, but he certainly knew what and how to do it. There was another girl riding it before he hopped on it, maybe that was enough.

Preparing for Inspired Artist Workshop. It will be interesting packing all this stuff to carry on the airline...


Ma said...

You're taking your artsy stuff to Raleigh? I thought you were going to do WORK there?
Oh, that's right... the kid will be here, you will be there, ... you will have TIME.

Ma said...

LAD is the only person I've every heard of wearing sunglasses at the dentist.

Fonda said...

I'm working the first part of the week, then going to Inspired Artist Workshop for the end of the week.
They give them sunglasses for the bright light I guess. I think sometimes they have given me clear ones, like safety glasses sometimes, not sure why not all the time, may depend on the work they are doing...?

Amy S said...

We go to the same dentist and they give my kids sun glasses to wear also. I think it's to distract the kids while they work? Not sure, but it seems to do the trick!

Janet said...

When is the Inspired Artist Workshop? Isn't that coming up soon? Hope you have a fantastic time!