Friday, April 17, 2009

Let's talk.

Random snippets from this week...
LAD: Tell me about this creature, mom.
ME: You mean Ronald McDonald?
LAD: Yeah.
Can you tell this was his first visit to McD's?
I guess in his defense the Happy Meal toy was some sort of alien, from the new alien movie that's out. No idea what it's called.

This afternoon, after school/work...
I gave him some chex mix stuff and a bottle of water.
LAD: This is wonderful mom.

I got a box in the mail today and it had this giant sheet of kraft paper for packing. I told LAD we could make a map out of it. Winnie the Pooh and friends have a great adventure (movie) and Little Einsteins (book) go on a treasure hunt so he's been interested in maps lately.
LAD: Draw skullasaurus Mom.
ME: OK (thinking what the hell is skullasaurus and how the hell might you spell it.)
This seemed to satisfy him. Had to also draw all the Pooh crew.

He talked so much this evening it would have filled an entire book.

He cracks me up!

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Ma said...

I love that map... it would go well inside my airplane!
And the haircut... wild!