Saturday, April 11, 2009

28 days to break a habit?

Is that how many days it takes to break a habit? If so , we're half way there! Blanky and Passey have been relegated to the bed only. It started quite by accident last week. We left daycare without blanky (passey stays in car, he has a "sleep passey" -for naptime- that we leave at daycare). So we discussed it, it was a slightly one sided conversation, and I suggested we leave a "sleep blankey" at daycare and leave his "regular" passey and blanky at home on his bed every morning and then he can have it back at bed time. There was pretty much silence on his part... I'm sure he was thinking it over very seriously...yeah right!

So that was almost two weeks ago and that's what we've been doing ever since. He has a hard time in the car, still asks for it, I think for more of a boredom buster than anything. He has been a little moody these past days, but it's getting easier I think.

He doesn't have too much problem not getting it in the evening when we get home because I tell him if he gets it he has to go to bed, and that's the LAST thing he would possibly want to do. However I have heard him mention "getting tired" and "let's go to bed" a few more times recently! So we'll see how it goes.

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Ma said...

Did you offer to trade off? If you give up something, it is easier for him to give up. It works, remember?

Cheri said...

Aw....poor guy. Michael is "supposed" to have his paci (how we spell it, lol, one of those things you can spell however the heck you want I think) only for nap and bed. He sometimes "loses" it/stashes it elsewhere so he can go surreptitiously suck on it, hehehehe. Smart guy:)