Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

A chilly morning makes for cold boy posing for photo shoot!

It looks like he was trying to make a break for it the way we're holding on to him!

His belly wasn't this clean when we finished the whole dozen!

He counted 14...

Yep, he managed to get them all picked up at once!


Cheri said...

Easter fun! We quickly drug out 3 month old William and 5 month old cousin Dominic in their matching bunny outfits from my m-i-l for photos outdoors...if they could have run away, they would have:) A little chilly indeed!
I love LAD's outfit:) Cute boy Easter wear is difficult to find, so we just keep recycling the same ones to each subsequent boy, lol.

Ma said...

Handsome kid, you bet!