Sunday, May 18, 2008

Party Kitchen

Yesterday, we went to Ankeny, for my friend Angela's Close To My Heart Open House and LAD fell asleep on the way, so we cruised thru some Ankeny neighborhoods and hit a few yard sales. A nice lady was parting with this beauty, marked at 10$, so I offered her 5$ and just like that we had a Party Kitchen. It's a good thing the Chrysler has the most ginormous trunk, or we would never have gotten it home. Considering I hadn't unloaded the stroller and pack-n-play from last weeks travels, but I managed to squeeze it all in, and some home it came. We also found a jewel of a VCR tape-Teletubbies-for 0.25$ YeeHaw. I did pass up the Barney's though.
So after we got home yesterday, we took our treasure to the back yard and scrubbed it down. Then we brought it in and made supper! Now LAD has a place to use all the new utensils and cookware Aunt Suzie got him last week. The Party Kitchen also came with a mismatched set of dishes and cups and one pan. But I think the salt and pepper shakers were the best part!

Eventually he dumped everything into the "sink" to be washed. Carrots and all!
Supper, a tiny (fruit) pizza, that he baked in his very own oven. And a fried egg I made from felt and glue!
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Ma said...

So, which pieces are the salt & pepper shakers?
What a hoot... 2 years old and has his very own kitchen!
Love ya, G'ma Airplane

Cheri said...

Adorable! Christopher always loved to play with the kitchen at his 2-yr Sunday School class, so about 1/2 way through the year, his teacher GAVE us her kids' play kitchen that they had outgrown. Hours of good fun:) Wish we'd gotten him a chef's hat though...