Sunday, May 18, 2008

Week of May 4-11

Wow, what a hectic week that wasy. I had to go to Raleigh on Sunday for work, so Randy, who had already been in MO working for almost 2 weeks, came to get LAD and they returned to MO on Sunday, 5/4, the same day I went to Raleigh. LAD got to spend time with EVERYONE in MO and ARK during this week. I hope Aunt Suzie's baby chicks survived!! He had a great time visiting all the G'mas and G'pas and doing the farming thing.
I made it back from Raleigh to IA on Thursday night, then drove to MO to get my baby, just in time for Mother's Day. Hope everyone had a great day!

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Ma said...

Mother's Day 2008 was a great day!
Love ya, Ma

Cheri said...

I ADORE that picture of LAD and the baby chick's legs poking out his hands...did you see the layout I did of myself as a toddler with the chick? It looks just the same. Must be the special 2-3 yr old way to hold a baby chick:)