Sunday, May 18, 2008

Flower Power

We went to the local grocery store here in town, they have a huge gardening section. We took the wagon and filled it up with a selection of annuals for the flower boxes at the front of the house. When we got home, we got LAD's little wagon out and he haulded these Daisys around for a while. It was kinda tippy in the grass! Plus he was a little distracted, looking for Harry.

And of course once we broke out the hose, that's what he played with for the rest of the time it took me to get everything planted. He was a very good helper but was completely soaked himself by the time we were finished! At least it was finally a WARM day!!!
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1 comment:

Ma said...

Love those daisies! (I spelled it wrong, too).
Such a perfect subject to photograph (the flowers are nice, too).
Love ya, Ma