Sunday, March 8, 2009

Layer upon Layer

If you remember from this post, I'm taking an Art Journaling class. This weeks homework was create pages with at least 10 layers. Sounds like a lot, but not really, when you get down to it. Here's my two pages


My layers are gesso with texture, paint, more paint, more paint, stencil with paint, writing black and white, monoprint, laserjet injet method transfer, sanding, paint splatter, stamping, collage, stencil with paint, pastels, sewing.
Here's the pages closer up. They look rather flat in this photos but have a lot more dimension in real life!

These are actually Randy's grandparents, he thought on their wedding day. 1932 maybe he said. I"m sure I have it written down somewhere. I was going thru some heritage photos for a class I'm taking at Memory Bound tomorrow and thought this was a nice contrasty image that might work well for a image transfer. I made a laser print then used gel medium to transfer it right onto my page. It lifted off in a couple of places as I worked on it, but it's OK.

The colors in this flower didn't pop like I wanted them to, should have put some white paint underneath before trying to put on the orange/yellow. Oh well, next time!

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Ma said...

You've got to be the messiest artist I've ever seen! Didn't anyone (me) teach you to stay within the lines? All those coloring books gone to waste...
But, I'm still impressed with how your messiness turns out so well.
I'm still coloring within the lines.