Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A pirate's story, continued...

Remember a week or so ago we recycled the already well used box into a pirate ship. It started out as a steam powered ship, then to a sail powered ship, now it's a paddle powered ship! A backup to the backup. For some reason he decided he needed oars. Ok, oars it is. We found a empty wrapping paper tube, cut it in half and discovered hidden treasures already-wrapping paper!

We've had this map for a while, so he found it. But it was too large for such a small, full ship.

So, break out the art supplies, let's make a smaller one.

X marks the spot, of course.

Much better. So we consulted with squirrels in trees and fish in streams all on our way to the X.

And lookie there, we found it!

We also gained a fishing pole, trolled for fish, but caught nothing. This time.
To be continued, I'm sure.


Ma said...

By golly, ya found the X, all right! Mighty boat ya got there, yup. Aaargh! (Where's the pirate eye patch?}

Janet said...

I'm loving it! Oh, to be a kid at your house, Fonda! :-) LAD is learning soooo much!