Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random photos from a melting March week!

Random photos from the last week or so. Snow is melting. We've actually had a couple sunny days , Sunday and Monday. All that's left are big drifts, standing water and mud.... Surely it's a good sign when you start seeing these babies, at ISU.

Box House:

Almost kite flying weather.

Saylorville Lake, actually this is below the lake.

This is where they are letting out lots of water to keep the lake down, anticipating bigger flooding later... This is kind of freaky to stand near, lots of noise and mist and power. Not some place you want to fall into...

On down-river is Des Moines.

The bike trail! Wow, it's still there!

LAD was so excited when he saw these popping out! Is it a sure sign? Haven't seen any Robins yet... These have already come and gone in Missouri, ours are just getting started!

This was on Monday, no sun on Tuesday, so it's holding.

Waiting to be joined by it's friends, that popped up on Tuesday. Maybe the sun will come out on Wednesday!

We can only hope!


Ma said...

LAD sure has a nice eye!
I hear that there will be flooding in IA again this spring, at least in the east.
Oh, boy... seeds! Better get started!

Christine said...

Ya know, I'm so happy you have this blog going. I love seeing Iowa and your travels through your lens.