Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Great Escape

About a month ago, LAD crawled out of his crib. It was during the night, he had woken up and I had gotten up and went into his room, layed in the big bed until he went back to sleep,,,or so I thought...I got up to go back to "my" bed and took a pit stop in the hall bathroom. He of course woke up, heard me leaving and started crying...Pretty soon I heard a "thunk"...huh, cup of water tossed over the crib railing. OK. Then not long after, another "thunk"...hmmm, nothing left in his bed to throw out that would make that kind of sound...except him of here he comes, passy and blankie toddling into the bathroom...He had wedged himself into the corner, hooked a toe over and shimmied on down. So we made the great switcheroo to a real bed, well a real toddler bed anyway. We got this Cars bed and it fits the crib mattress. He's been doing pretty well with it and has only fallen out a few times! He doesn't always know or care which end he's supposed to keep his head at! Harry and Zoe like it because there are blankets on the floor, next to the bed where there's no rail and they find them very comfy to sleep on. LAD has finally started saying OK when it's time to get into bed after lights out and books read, so I guess it's finally become as secure as the crib was. He does do pretty good staying in it when he wakes up, unless it's morning and he's ready to go. Then he comes wandering down the hall - Mama Mama mama! But, there are no sweeter words!
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