Sunday, July 11, 2010

Random from our week

Chocolate chip/M&M cookies from Subway, they're the best!!!

There's a boy in there somewhere!

Can you tell he's a fan!!!

They had a couple of swimming in the back yard days at day care.

Move more.

Downpour on the drive home...

Picnic at the park with daycare. He was excited to take his lunch.

I got caught with my paints out, and he of course had to join in. He was naked. I was not.

Saturday, we went for the big playground, but got distracted by the sandy beach and a lost cup.

And ran into a daycare classmate, so that was another hour of entertainment.

1 comment:

Ma said...

The beach! In Iowa?

Yeah, those paints are like a siren song... like mother, like son.
What did you paint?