Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scene around Nevada, or is it Arizona?

Can't go to Las Vegas and not visit THE dam. It's a beauty. Now even more so with the addition of the new Bypass, just opened to traffic this past October 2010.

Here's a scenic overlook, just before getting to the dam. The dam is around the corner, to the right. There's a marina, just to the left, out of sight in this photo. Lake Mead is wayyyyy down.

Sorry girls, Gerry took such a nice photo of us, I couldn't not use it, wind blown hair and all! (yeah yeah, ma and caro will pick this sentence to death, go ahead; whatever.)

We did cross over the new bridge. It was rather a non-event. If you did not know there was a dam and river down there, you sure would not learn it from driving over the bridge. You would think you just crossed a state line or something. Something being the key word.

We took a tour of the powerplant part of the dam.

These are the generators in the Nevada side powerhouse. They look kinda tiny in this picture, but they are NOT.

Outside, scenic overlook. You can see the "bathtub ring" way out there. Along with a little bit of water...

WhatChaaaa Lookinnnnn at downnnnn there?

These are the powerhouses, where those generators are located. Right side is Nevada, left side is Arizona.

This thing is AWESOME.

Something about that graceful curve against those craggy mountains...

Click here to see a google search of the bypass, shows all stages of construction. Amazing!

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