Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Last week I traveled to Wisconsin on a business trip. Leaving Des Moines last Monday, this was parked out on the ramp...Rumor was he's going to run for president. Couldn't be any worse, and hey, he has his own transportation.

I'll spare you the boring meeting photos. Here's some outside shots as we traveled from Appleton (eastern WI) to Chippewa Falls (western) area.

New snow on Wednesday.

Ski ...mountain... area.

Fog, freezing fog, the kind that turns everything white.

Real dairy cows, outside!

Milwaukee, on the way home. Thanks Frontier, for letting me pay you 20 bucks for you to lose my luggage. But, thumbs up, for no Chicago-like delays.


Ma said...

Did you pick a red and black and white theme, or did it just happen that way? Oh, yeah... Iowa has red barns, unlike MO with its weathered old brown oak.

Ma said...

Oh, sorry... that's Wisconsin. But Iowa has reds, too.