Saturday, April 26, 2014

A mining adventure

Tie two sticks together and what do you get? A pick axe, of course... So off on an adventure we went. The boards nailed to a stump are his crafting table, in case you were wondering...

This video was shot in slo-mo from my iPhone. It's actually a pretty cool feature. However, the sound is a little unusual...

We decided an evil miner must have spilled some grass growing potion in this strange arc shape.

Then we mined around the creek, took over the evil miners camp then stole their horses, then ran for our lives.

We hit the jackpot during our mining since we found rubies, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires. We ran across a few friendly zombies, endermans and creepers. Whew, tough day!

1 comment:

Ma said...

LAD's video sound matches the zombies and enderthingies! Great adventure!