Saturday, October 27, 2007

Punkin Pickin

We went to The Berry Patch to pick a few pumpkins. They had a gazzilion. We finally found LAD a small one with a handle. It's hard to carry a punkin and a car! He loved the tractor/wagon ride to the patch, of course. And spent quite a bit of time getting up and dusting off after tripping over all the vines and rough ground. The ground was soft from lotsa rain, so that made it just that much better-soft squishy black dirt!

Love these sweet cheeks.

Gotta test out the punkin driving surface.

And the good old ground!

"Drive it on the ground" he says.
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1 comment:

Henrietta said...

Must be related to Uncle Grant. Digging roads was favorite thing, next to brrrr brrrr ghbrrr spinning tires on overturned hot wheels.