Saturday, October 27, 2007

Reiman Gardens

We went to Reiman Gardens today. It was about 60 degrees and sunny-a perfect day. We went into the butterfly house, they were very active today in the afternoon sun. Yesterday was overcast, so I think that makes them even more active when the sun finally does come out. LAD walked all around today, no hitching a ride in the stroller. He spent some time pushing it, however. "LAD do it", OK, you are doing it, crash into a bush.

Great Aunt Cindy made this shirt for him. It pretty much sums it up!

This pump squirts the water out of the frogs in the stock tank

Atlas moth, apparently sleeping, apparently nocturnal. He was huge. Probably nearly 12 inches from wing tip to wing tip. the clear areas on his inner wings were translucent. I should have zoomed in and got a better shot of that. I was to distracted keeping little bodies from attacking the unsuspecting sleeping creature! I could just see little Lightning zinging thru the air...but no such catastrophes occured.

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Henrietta said...

Grandpa Airplane is so proud that Lad likes butterflies! (and tractors)

Fonda said...

Tell G'pa Airplane he's studying aerodynamic engineering!