Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blizzard day

You know it's bad when ISU closes, which they have. Interstates are closing in some areas here in central IA as well. I am very glad to be home, comfy-cozy. Here's some pics from this morning about 7:30. Still snowing a little, but mostly just blowing! Here's yesterday's. LAD saw all the snow out front and said "I think it would be a good day to go sledding!" Hmmmm me-thinks maybe not, not sure I could even walk in those drifts.

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Ma said...

Me-thinks you'd better stay inside, too. It's over your head, kid. We've got blowing cold with a few flakes. Me-thinks I'd better stay inside, too. But, gotta go to the post office and mail LAD's package!