Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Post Blizzard

According to the weather map, looks like we ended up with 12-14
inches. And some pretty hefty drifts around, but our trusty snow
blower did it's job, then the snow plow comes along on the main
highway and well, you get the drift! :) The rural mail carrier didn't
run, this might be the first time since we've lived here (11 years) that that
hasn't happened.

A little maintenance...I think he has some Newhouse blood in him.

First dig-out, about 11:00 am.

2nd dig-out, about 6:00 pm, the sun finally made it out just in time to give some color!

1 comment:

Ma said...

Make a tunnel! Or an igloo. Snowshoes? Cardboard boxes duct taped to boots would work. Might be kinda slick. Ironic, that back in the skiing days, had to wax the skiis or the snow would stick and then they wouldn't slide. We should have just skiid on cardboard boxes.