Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bring on the summer!

He found this shirt in some hand-me-downs we were going thru. It has pineapples on it. I think he liked that the most! (Thanks Angela!)


Just being sillllllly!

Saturday was our town's city wide yard sale. We found some good bargains. We found this croquet set. Works best with fresh mown, short, grass...

Next great find was this Imaginext PIRATE SHIP! Remember this and this? Cheap fuel for the imagination...

Bike riding. He's hard to ride with. He wants to "be the leader" but he has an erratic pace.

Another bike ride. He rode, I walked (I can barely keep up with his bike pedalling legs this year). It rained. He found some puddles. Rain was never an issue. He has upgraded to MY helmet.

A few last things into the garden. I planted eggplants and green beans. He planted CORN. All by himself...

Must see if the pirate ship floats or not. Not. No matter.

"Make sure to give me 'claws' ". OK. Whatever.

1 comment:

Ma said...

Oh, where to begin... fruity kid, I like the pineapple shirt.
I have a croquet set, we can play when LAD comes to MO.
Pirates, biking, chalk, gardening... hope this didn't all happen in the same day! I'm exhausted.