Saturday, September 18, 2010

Antique Jamboree

Since my friend Janis and I are being deprived of going to the Junk
Bonanza in Minnesota
this weekend, last weekend we hit the Antique
in Historic Valley Junction, Des Moines. LAD was very
patient, most of the time, and certainly got into the shopping. He probably had the best luck of all of us, he got a free whistle, complete with jewels and a free jar of marbles, which have been the best thing EVER.

Note the jeweled whistle in the mirror...

This was a very nice tractor, and LAD just thought he had to have it. Price tag: 280$, uh, I don't think so, however the vendor said he'd make me a great deal. Uh, no. We have a pedal tractor, however, I doubt this one was made in China. But i did not look that closely.

My favorite picture of the day, that didn't include the child.

Ooooh la la, look at those colors. Rare indeed, I'd say.

Janet and Aunt Caro, I thought of you guys when I hovered over this case.

It's a Toy Story reunion.

He found the camera right away.

Not made in China, the boy either.

He can spot them from a mile away. Look closely G'ma Airplane, your Christmas present came from this shelf.

Oh, be still LAD's heart. Colorful and ball shaped. But DON'T TOUCH!

See how he listens. I KNOW he heard me.

Same goes here...

And here. Oh well. Not quite as breakable.

His favorite of the day, only because it was churning and making...

Yes, ice cream. Note the 2.50$ cement mixer in his lap, from the shelf photo above...It was the cheapest thing he had to choose from. He really wanted the 8.00$ Greyhound bus. My powers of persuasion finally took hold. Whew, I had to talk a lot.

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