Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day!

Today we drove over to Ledges State Park but they had the lower road closed so we opted for the Lost Lake Nature Trail instead. Backpack packed with binocs, water, a hotwheel, the Ride The Ducks duck call and bug catcher, which, it turns out, will come in handy later...

"Look Steps!". "We could climb these forever!" Yes, felt like forever by the time we got to the top!

Frogs, sticks, what more can a boy ask for?

A caterpillar, of course!

So we loaded him up and took him with us.

"I'm so happy you let me bring the caterpillar home." How could I resist not giving them the opportunity to grow wings?

Then later, after supper. He was eating this left-over bowl of ice cream and cake. I was in the other room, noticed the SILENCE...This is what I found:

I think it was a good weekend.



Janet said...

lol That last picture is PRICELESS! What a great day for everybody!

BUT this post should have come with a warning about the FROGS, Fonda! lol *shudders*

Ma said...

Shudders over frogs? Be glad they aren't lizards with no legs! I think he might grow up to be a biologist.