Sunday, April 1, 2012

Random March 2012

Kindergarten Parent Teacher conference time. We checked out all the projects they've been working on this winter.

Ledges State Park. They still haven't re-opened the park from the big floods a couple years ago. But you can still walk in. So we trudged our bikes out for the first ride of the year. Such a shame that they haven't made much effort to reopen it back up.

A spring break day. IHOP and the Science Center. LAD loves wearing this tie!

Our neighbors tulips. Look at that grubby hand!

Zorro...he's a little nervous outside...but he's becoming more adventurous. Didn't take him long to be come a 100% inside cat!

Bowl, hat, eh, whatever. We started a paper making project and the bowl was to be his form for his paper bowl.


Ma said...

You got spring, we got summer! I like all your long shadows. I planted tomato seeds, and carrots & radishes. Too soon... maybe.
Maybe I'll get out my bike, too. You've inspired me!

Anonymous said...

Love the shadow play with your son. Bike riding is a passion for my husband and myself....I'm jealous that you were able to get outside so soon. It's still a bit nippy here.

Hope all this warmish weather does not mean a blistering hot summer!

Nice to see you! Cute kiddo! Lucky you!