Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The new kitty in town (since Christmas), Zorro. They get along reasonably well now. This looks like a cat body with two heads.

LAD wanted to camp in the back yard last weekend. Temps dipped into the 40s...So we compromised and camped in the garage, in the tent.

The next day, Zorro is a napper by day. LAD had to cover him up with his "blankey". Comfy cozy.


Camouflaged... It was late in the afternoon, after a sunny day. I think he was soaking up the heat off that rock.

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Janet said...

Awww! Great pictures of New Kitty! I'm with LAD -- I cover up my kitties anytime they are sleeping! Got some super cute pics of your boy at GNO Monday night. Will post in a couple of days. He's precious, Fonda!