Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I'm not entirely sure what was going on here, well, besides the obvious! Randy took this photo. I think he draped LADs blankey over him, then had time to dash into the other room and get the camera before LAD removed it. I think he sat there for a long time before actually taking it off his head. Notice we still do not keep toilet paper on the actual holder in this bathroom...That book is a recycled issue from Cars packaging material from Christmas. First thing I made with my new Bind-It-All I got for Christmas. He likes to read all the Lightning Cars models from the back of some of the packaging that some of his small cars came in and it has become his "sticker" book for a treat for going potty. There's also a Thomas the tank engine page too! Did you know that there must be 40 versions of Cars cars. There must be a dozen different Lightning models. Several Ramones and a few Tow Maters! That Disney/Pixar is a money making machine!
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Ma said...

I'd know that kid anywhere.

jp said...

Maybe he was looking for some privacy?? :-) This is such a sweet picture! Love it!