Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Playing!

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jp said...

These are adorable photos, Fonda! Love the angle. And those orange pants are soooo cute! :-) Janet

Cheri said...

I agree with Janet...great photos! I too was excited to see your post on my blog to know that you have one:) I have by now looked at most of your past entries and am really enjoying it. I've added you to my blogs bookmarks.

LAD reminds me so much of Michael, my little guy about the same age:) He's a cutie!

Henrietta said...

Would you believe that when Fonda was a baby we had a B&W tv? And Sesame Street was a baby, too? Take many, many, many photos of your kids... Fonda's baby pics are negatives, mostly b&w. Some day I will get them all scanned.
Grandma Airplane