Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Artist in Residence

LAD likes to help me "work". So we broke out the paints (washable!), paper, stamps, etc. Family, don't be surprised to get valentines in the mail stamped in purple this year! We have lost the red color and another color, down 2 from 12, they have rolled under something, not to have been found yet.

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Cheri said...

Yikes...I hope you find those colors! I bet everyone will love their homemade Valentine's:)

Btw, I found Christopher's missing bottle of fingerpaint spilled on the carpet under our guest bed a few years ago...not pretty. Bright blue. Gallons of water later (carpet cleaner) it was light blue. In desperation, I finally bleached it a bit. Not good for resale value of the home, but luckily, it's under the bed and I dont' think about it much:)